Digital Screen

The new generation of interactive display screens are now able to showcase all types of different media - from live news updates, advertisements, to entertainment.

Interactive Screen Application

You can utilise digital display screens in a variety of industries, and environments, to enhance your service and customer experience.

The Digital Out-Of-Home Industry

The Digital Out-Of-Home advertising industry relies heavily on digital displays. DOOH advertising can reach many people at the same time, and has become one of the fastest growing channels in advertising, since the global pandemic.


Within the retail industry, you can combine on-screen displays and interactive advertising to help improve the experience of brick-and-mortar shoppers. Granting retail shop owners the ability to offer exclusive in-store discounts to customers, as well as promote specific items.


Hospitality venues like hotels and bars can use interactive signage to inform, entertain and enhance the overall experience for their customers. Whether it’s a modern way to display a restaurant menu, or a streamlined way for a customer to place an order.

Informing The

Advertising screens allow for constant up-to-date information to be streamed directly to bystanders. Government agencies can use this to communicate important information. For example, if there is an accident upcoming on the motorway, other drivers can be easily notified by an on-screen message.

Our Digital Screen Types

With a vast range of interactive display screens, Project Digital UK have the digital out-of-home advertising solution for all environments.

Digital Posters
Freestanding Digital Kiosks
Digital Kiosks
Digital Video Wall
Window Displays
Digital Screens
Large Format LED
Indoor & Outdoor

Digital Screen
EV Charge Points

Working in collaboration with Project EV, Project Digital UK have developed an EV charge point display unit, that can pay for itself through onscreen advertisements.

Integrated 46" Interactive Screen
Dual Charging Output Capabilites
22kW AC & 40kW DC Models Available

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Project Digital UK can offer you as much, or as little help, as you need with your interactive digital screen project. We ensure all our products are of the highest quality, testing every individual LED panel on arrival in the UK. All our products carry the necessary Certification to allow for their installation within the UK.

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