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Want your advertisement on a massive digital billboard? With Project Digital, these screens are available for purchase and advertising! Check out our large range of screens here!

A&M Advertising has launched Greenock’s first digital advertising screen. The screen, which goes live this month, is being installed by specialist firm Project Digital UK, who work closely with A&M Advertising to deliver a wide variety of digital solutions for indoor and outdoor use.

The 15 m² advertising screen on Dalrymple Street will deliver more than one million impacts each month as motorists and their passengers travel in both directions along the A8 at the heart of the Greenock town centre, with over 20,000 vehicles passing the site each day. The screen features a thin bezel frame and 6mm outdoor LED, which is easily visible in bright conditions, ideal for outdoor use, and has outstanding picture quality perfect for advertising. Its bespoke content management system enables A&M Advertising to have complete control of the content that is being shown or scheduled to show, making amendments and installations easy to control.

Source: https://www.amadvertising.co.uk/news/am-advertising-introduces-greenocks-first-digital-screen

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